Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Bear Heart, Restuffed

It's time for the Stuffed Needy Animal Restoration Project (SNARP) again.

I've been meaning to restuff Black Bear since I got it at a Salvation Army in Duluth a couple years ago. Made in Minnesota in the 70s? 80s? it was stuffed with shredded yellow foam--the kind that disintegrates, and that is stiff and hard, not cuddly-squishy.

To get all the sticky stuffing out, I had to turn BB inside-out. I found a metal cookie cutter heart inside:

I washed Bear in a mesh bag on the gentle cycle and dried it on low---fluffed up nicely, and with new polyster stuffing, Bear is nice and soft.


bink said...

Did you put the cookie cutter back again?

Frex said...

I did!

bink said...