Saturday, April 22, 2017

#March for Science MN

Spock was indeed the correct image to paint on a poster for the Science March, which one woman told me was the Nerd Prom--tons and tons of people commented on the poster and took photos--but no one loved it as much as one little boy loved bink's EVE poster--she lowered it, and he actually clung to it, reluctant to let go...

 MPR included a photo, below, in their online gallery; that's bink with a slice of EVE on the far right.

Oh, neat, I see the Star Tribune-showed my Spock too, posing with Capt. Jean-Luc Picard!

About ten thousand people came out on a gorgeous spring day to march to the MN Capitol.They were very polite--and tidy: one volunteer trash picker-upper told me she was finding only old cigarette butts to pick up.

I was too busy holding my sign to take careful photos, but here's a selection. 
I was bit disappointed there weren't more pop-culture signs, but I learned sciencey things by asking people what their signs meant, like, 212º is the boiling point, and the square root of -1 is nothing ("not a real number"), and there are only 118 elements, and stuff like that.

But there was Casablanca

A guy in a Star Trek uniform was carried a fantastic Rod Serling Twilight Zone + Trump mashup :

Some fans wanted their photo taken with her poster, as if it were Scully herself. 

There is no other planet for bees.

 Both these marchers wore T-shirts that said
…also Tang & Pikachu, I guess

"Let's Go to Space" was my personal favorite:

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Laura B said...

Francesca! I just got back to town & opened the last sunday's newspaper this morning- saw that there was a sign very much like yours in the Star Tribune at march for Science- then opened your blog & saw it was INDEED yours! WAy to go!!! And thanks for capturing all these other great signs!