Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"You Cannot Go Home Till You're Done"

I keep saying "I'm almost done" with the ms. I really am, it's just that I'm caught in a fairy tale where there's always more [something] to spin. So, I am parked at the Java Hut until I finish revising the fan art chapter. Visual art is one of the funnest things in fandom, but only to gather and look at, not to write about.

I neglected to bring enough food for dinner, so I am having a Snickers bar and a glass of fizzy water with lemon.


deanna said...

I hope it went well! And was Satisfying.

How I long to do what you're doing. But if I were, it would be Difficult and Consuming, and I would complain (somewhat joyfully, I think).

May you be sustained through the final, final edit.

Fresca said...

Hi, Deanna,
Thanks for the reminder that this is something I longed to do too; wometimes I just feel, WHY AM I DOING THIS?!??!

But this Saturday morning having turned in the substantial revisions yesterday, I can say it is satisfying to have it done.
Yep, there's still a "final, final" edit down the road, but it won't be this heavy.
And when the book is actually published, I will be thrilled.

I look forward to the day you publish your book(s) too!