Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It's "Send a Postcard to Trump" Day

I mailed my "You're Fired" postcards to Trump this morning for the national #IdesOfTrump Day.
“This is about protesting with humor and sarcasm, which are things which I don’t think [Trump] can handle very well and get under his skin,” Ted Sullivan, one of the organizers of the snail mail push said to The Huffington Post.

From the Boston Globe "Trump might get a blizzard of postcards":

"If this seems to be a counterintuitive way to communicate in today’s world, so be it. The guy who dreamed it up wanted the messages to be tangible. Zack Kushner, a 44-year-old Sudbury native and freelance copywriter who lives in California, said:
“An online petition or Facebook page doesn’t hold the weight of a physical object.
“That somebody took the time to write something, get a stamp, put it in the mail — there’s an additional level of commitment and resistance.”
 bink made these postcards at the collage party:

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