Friday, February 3, 2017

Brain Hats... for Science!

I feel like I'm living inside what fanfiction calls an AU---an alternate universe. In fic, that's when the writer, say, sends the young Captain Kirk to school at Hogwarts with Harry Potter (or Harry to Starfleet).

In my (our) case, it's like I'm living in a world where Donald Trump was elected president of the United States.

I gotta say, I'm still reeling. It helps to see all the fun, creative ways others are trying to adjust to––and resist––this wack-o new reality.
The latest: brain hats! to wear to the March for Science on April 22, Earth Day. [NY Times article.]
This goes right into my HINAB file (humanity is not all bad).
There are many variations. Here's a knitted one by Alana Noritake, pattern on Ravelry:

Yay! The Science March is definitely on in my town. I don't knit, but I'm excited to paint a sign of Mr. Spock. [UPDATE: I painted it.]

More patterns from Studio Knit.
And a tutorial for brain hats with caulking--like you use to seal your tub. 
Printable brain hat templates.


The Crow said...

Oops, I read your later post before this one!

Fresca said...

I figured. :)