Monday, January 23, 2017

Intersectional Pussycat! Knit! Knit!

Some folks have pointed out that all the emphasis on lady-parts and pink pussies at the Women's Marches excluded transgender people by focusing on reproductive systems as the determining factor in gender. 
As someone whose parts match her self-identity, I liked seeing vulvas etc. on display in a positive, powerful way for a change, but it would be fun if there more posters that mixed up gender & sex too. There were some.

I have nothing else to do *cough cough* but play around with a couple re-presentations. So I made these.

Also, some folks said the pink pussy hats were racist because not everyone's labia are pink. The hats make your head into a pussy-cat with ears, but, still, yeah, point taken. (I did think the march was awfully pink myself.)
Anyway, the hat colors would be really easy to change--for instance, the bottom knitter in the photo below is knitting a dark purple edge...  

Thinking about knitting, I had to make this collage.

Would folks get the pun? Not sure how generally well known this movie is--Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
I haven't actually seen it, so now I must.

Noted queer feminist film critic B. Ruby Rich said that when she first saw Faster, Pussycat! in the 1970s she "was absolutely outraged that [she'd] been forced to watch this misogynist film that objectified women and that was really just short of soft-core porn."
"Years later it got re-released and I watched it on video at the start of the New Queer Cinema moment — it must’ve been ’91 or ’92 when I saw it, and I just loved it.
And I ended up programming it at the Pacific Film archive in a program they’d asked me to do for a special summer festival called “Scary Women” where I showed it with Basic Instinct.

And what I talked about was how the audience writes the film; how this film, which seemed to be one thing when I saw it in the ’70s in the heyday of feminism, turned into something completely different when I saw it again 15 years later in the heyday of queer culture.

So I wrote that piece for the Village Voice, talking about my first opinion, my radically changed opinion, and how films get edited by history. And that’s a really wonderful thing to be able to do.


Bink said...

LOVE your posters!

I've ever seen Faster Pussycat either. Your blog makes me curious.

Fresca said...

Thanks, bink.


ArtSparker said...

Got the reference, never seen the film. I like that collage a lot, it's got the film strip thing going for it as well.

Frex said...

Thanks Sparker---I hadn't thought of a film strip--I used to love viewing those in grade school. That's an idea for future collages!