Tuesday, January 31, 2017

From the Desktop

Time to clear the clutter a little---here are a few photos I've taken or resurrected recently.
In chronological order.

1. My father as a young man, c. 1950--a favorite photo of mine (nibbled on the edges by my ex-cockatiel):

2. Me and R., coworkers at the art-college library, seventeen years ago almost to the day, back when we ate carrots without a care.
Well, not really without a care:
the Supreme Court had just ruled for George W., but it was still pre-9/11, and Someone Whose Voice Is So Odious I've Turned the Radio Off until 2020 (pleasegod it will be safe then?). 

Also my hair was dark, and I fit in that pink ruffly shirt.

 3. The other afternoon I felt like civilization was crumbling (it's not, right?), so I did my part by clearing all my papers off my desk/table and setting it with the Star Trek fabric Marz gave me for Christmas, and cloth napkins. Not ironed, but cloth.

 4. After the memorial service on Saturday for my friend Kathy Moran, I added to my dead-friends corner a photo I took of her at the coffee shop (with the brick-red wall, below) where we often ran into one another.
(I know you can't help it, but everyone please stop dying please.)


ArtSparker said...

Here's hoping the Radio will be safe before 2020...it could happen, with impeachment. Very annoyed with John Hurt myself, though I didn't know him personally.

Frex said...

I also dare to hope it'll sooner than 2020.

Yes! John Hurt was entirely out of order, dying like that.