Friday, December 9, 2016

This Is Not Working

The good thing about procrastination is I get so much done.

Today I washed, folded and put away all my laundry, baked a meatloaf, cleaned the kitchen afterward, ordered salt-free spice mixes online from Penzey's for my father (who cut back on salt after his heart attack), checked all my social media accounts...

Everything but writing on the ms. due in 6ish weeks.
That's enough time to finish it, but only if I write it.

This is serious. So I cancelled a few upcoming social outings (real life ones), and then I deleted my Twitter and Tumblr accounts. I don't use them much anyway … except when I'm procrastinating.

I wouldn't delete this blog! But I do need to take a break. Even just the little things I've been posting lately take a surprising amount of time. (Well, not so surprising, eh.)
I might pop in, but don't worry if I'm gone for a while. 
Love ya'll! --Fresca


The Crow said...

I understand completely. See you anon!

nanacathydotcom said...

Good luck. Make your public proud.