Thursday, December 8, 2016

From Amy Salloway's "Is This You?"––Modern Living While Fat

This is the third of three posts today of things other people emailed me, which I love. Thanks, all!

In reference to me posting Kameron Hurley's essay, "Public Speaking While Fat",  bink sent me this essay, "Is This You?" 

by her writing teacher, Amy Salloway, about being the subject of a photo that went around the Internet mocking her as a fat woman.

It starts:
"One night, about ten months ago, … I got an email from my mother, with whom I haven’t spoken in a decade, because we’re estranged.
She wrote, “Hi, Amy.  I hope you’re doing well. I got a hip replaced. Your sister had two more babies. Say, I’m on Ellen DeGeneres’s funny mailing list, and… is this you?!?!”

And what she attached was – apparently Ellen sends out a humorous email to her bazillion-people fan base once a week, and on this particular week, she sent viewer-submitted photos of humans doing hilariously misguided shenanigans, and there was that same photo – of the fat woman, in overalls, sitting in a chair, on a treadmill…watching TV."

< "Amy Salloway has been called 'kick-ass funny and achingly poignant', 'raw and fearless', 
and 'the voice for all of us who were picked last for kickball'. 

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