Sunday, December 4, 2016

Feeling Catholicish

I'm not sure that going to a Protestant church is going to work for me.  
I thought I was looking for local community more than religion, but of course the community gathers for the religion, 
and the religion, or the church service anyway, seems to be based on words and thoughts about religious stuff and not on mumbo-jumbo hocus-pocus crazy magic juju idolatrous religious stuff, like the supra-personal sacraments that I love in the Catholic Church.

Well, yeah. Of course I knew that would be the case, but I didn't know how much I'd miss the wibbly-wobbly luminous numinous--the sort of thing George Tooker painted. I looked him up and learned that he converted to Catholicism. A religion with plenty of problems of its own, but overall, it's been a good religion for art.

Above: Dark Angel

Below: In the Summerhouse

More paintings by Tooker:


ArtSparker said...

Thanks for intorducing more work by this painter, I was only familiar with the subway painting, Love that Summerhouse.

Fresca said...

You're welcome! I love him--he paints in egg tempera, as you may know. Very glowy.

I added a link to a site with more of his paintings too:

Bink said...

Had not seen the self portrait before. Nice!

Frex said...

BINK: Gosh, I'd assumed you'd seen every painting Tooker'd ever done. You're the one who showed him to me.