Thursday, January 5, 2017

Update: Credit where credit is due. Couples on the Couch I: Uhura & Spock

Yay! Looking for stuff about racebending, I came across art by Shirozora [< links to deviantart Star Trek portfolio], an artist I recognized as the maker of a piece I posted last month, one of my favorite pieces of fanart. Now I know it's called "some downtime."

(The racebent art is "If Castiel Was Zoe Saldana".)

Shirozora, I love you! Maybe consider signing your art more clearly, so admirers can find more of it?

Original post:
I wasn't keen on the romance between reboot Uhura and Spock until the third movie Star Trek: Beyond (2016). They're clearly not the original characters at this point, and I think they're actually pretty great together. 

And here's fanart of them are doing my favorite thing (along with reading in bed): reading on the couch together. 
I imagine she's reading aloud to him, …but what?

Sorry, I can't find the original post or quite make out the artist's name: shiyora? 2012
Update: Now I know, it's Shirozora. 


ArtSparker said...

As you may remember, I went back and watched the original series a few months back, and in the second or third episode of the first series there is something implied between Uhura and Spock, that is, she sings him some little courting song and he looks amused (or maybe intrigued). I have wondered if that's where they got the idea for this go around.

Fresca said...

Yes, I agree, there are little glimmers of Something between Spock and Uhura in TOS, and I also wonder if the makers of the reboot were building on that or just thought "let's mix this up."

Since they mixed so much else up with little sensitivity to the original, I'm a little dubious that they thought very carefully about S & U, but maybe someone did.
I like to think so, anyway.