Monday, December 26, 2016

2016: My Year in Review


marz said...

you look like Captain Kirk in duluth! congratulations. "I've been to rehab colonies before."

Fresca said...

Kirk at his most self-satisfied! (Must be the beer, in my case.)

Laura B said...

VERY nice painting of piece of toast- your or his?
And a question: what did the tumblr commentator say "an asset to humanity" about?
So nice to see your year in review....

Frex said...

LAURA: yes, I water-colored that piece of toast, illustrating something Tom (with dementia) had just said to someone on the phone---
it wasn't dementia talking though--he really had been drawing a piece of toast.
I thought it was an excellent moment, and he laughed a lot about it too.

The Tumblr commenter said I was a boon to humanity for a photomanipulation I did of Starsky & Hutch (like the one here of them exchanging flowers, though not that one), and also for telling her about the location of a scene on an outtake-reel of the actor who played Starsky pretending to give the actor who played Hutch a blow job.

See, she'd wondered if the homoerotic nature of the cop characters had reflected the actors', and I said, Look here.
And that elicited her comment, which made me feel my life on Earth was justified (for the moment)! :)