Sunday, November 20, 2016

Stained Glass Diptychs

I took my camera to the new (to me) church this morning. The Romanesque Revival building and its original stained glass and trimmings date to 1889. There's been some modernization but not a lot. (The building doesn't much reflect the current congregation, who overall would not bring to mind Turner & Tiffany's.) 

I put my camera lens up against the stained glass to get their colors. I matched them with a heating grate, painted wall, wood boss on a pew end, and a gold acanthus curlicue.

Looking through the camera lens against certain faceted orbs of stained-glass, I could see the street outside refracted. Here, I gave a street scene to the relief angel on the front of the building:


And here I am in the church bathroom mirror, with blue floor tiles:

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