Saturday, November 19, 2016

"Hang on tight…" (Star Trek: Charlie X)

This year, 2016, is behaving like the beyond-bratty adolescent Charlie Evans rescued by the Enterprise crew in the Star Trek episode "Charlie X" (1966): unable to control his emotions, Charlie uses his special powers to wreak havoc, making crew members disappear, turning them into lizards, or wiping away their faces.

Here, Kirk tries to explain to Charlie how to survive disappointment in love:

(As always, thanks to for the screencaps.)


Michael Leddy said...

Robert Walker, son of Jennifer Jones and Robert Walker!

Fresca said...

Oh man, do you ever win a prize!!!

He's something like 27 here, but convincingly playing a 17 year old.

P.S. I googled him and see he was in Naked City too---did you recognize him from that show?

Michael Leddy said...

I recognized him because he looks so much like his father. (But I checked to make sure.) But yes, he was in a great Naked City episode, playing an emotionally disturbed actor.

marz said...

ooh, I'd forgotten he says "me too"! that's delicious for Kirkians

Fresca said...

MICHAEL: I've never seen Naked City--now I must at least watch that episode.

MARZ: I know, right????
I looked this exchange up because you'd mentioned it, and there was that perfect tag--"me too".