Saturday, October 15, 2016

New Look: Sheared

Last month at a coffee shop, I met a young man with a fabulous hair cut: short sides, with a flop on top. Turned out he was a hair sytlist at a "salon", so I, who usually pay $14 for a 10-minute hair cut, made an appointment for yesterday. 

I'd pictured Sue Perkins, but the mirror shows Alan Bennett:

The nice young man gave me a tip for my fandom research: drag queen cos-players, like Dax ExclamationPoint [her Instagram] here.

Ohman, the work (and money) involved in looking amazing...

Anyway, here--my haircut isn't bad at all, really--it's just going to require some work (like gel, to get it to lie right).


Laura B said...

Cute! The haircut is much more stylish than Alan Bennett!

ArtSparker said...

It's a beautiful haircut...I was very fond of the sticky up one of three months back, I will admit, which was more on the expressionist side.

Fresca said...

Thanks, Laura & Sparker!
I wasn't sure at first, but I am liking it a lot now.
I am going to experiment with ways of making it stand up too.
Tintin style?

deanna said...

Nice cut! You have the right hair for it. Mine would be wavy ridges.

If I find some of my son's hair gel from years ago, should I send it? (Don't know if I tossed it, though, or if it expires...?)

Fresca said...

Hi, Deanna!
Thanks so much for the offer--that's so nice of you! But bink says she has a couple jars of hair gel I can have--her hair is very particular and she keeps trying different brands so she has leftovers.

deanna said...

Oh, good. Happy styling!