Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Internet Slang: tfw [voting for clinton]

tfw: "that feeling when"; used with a picture [often but not necessarily from mass media] to show how a person feels about a certain situation

For example--related to my "why I am voting for Clinton" post---
this tweet by Shamir Bailey ("21, musician, comedian, singer, rapper, twerker, chef, writer, filmmaker, skinny fat ass") that I found reposted on tumblr today [source: afrocosm]:

"Tfw [That feeling when] u have 2 vote 4 da white lady who wuld lock her door if u were on her lawn instead of da man who would shoot u"


The Crow said...

This is the best argument for voting for Clinton, if I hadn't already committed to someone else. Hey! Here's a new campaign slogan for the Democrats: "At least she won't shoot you!"

Frex said...

I like the candidates you are voting for, Crow.
We've got a pretty grim election---and yet humor, blessed humor, it always helps too:
it's the sweet cream in the bitter brew!!!