Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"Damage Control": Can Superherodom Be Funny?

I, who've worked as a janitor three places (a movie theater, a health-service center, and a YWCA) really want to read this comic series, Damage Control---about a clean-up crew that repairs the wreckage superheroes leave behind.

It was created by Dwayne McDuffie, envisioned as "a sitcom within the Marvel Universe".

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Below, from Damage Control v2 #3, by Dwayne McDuffie (story), Ernie Colón (art):
--"We need super-villain code names. Something catchy like "Cloak and Dagger."
--Or "Hammer and Anvil".
--How about "Thunder and Lighting"?
--I dont like it. "Fold and Spindle"?
--Nah. "Mortar and Pestle"?

Damage Control appeared intermittently between1988-1991. Luckily the issues were recently published in one book, which the library owns: Damage Control: The Complete Collection (2015).

I found this comic because I was looking for multicultural comic artists who were fans when they were kids---and that's McDuffie (though he's a writer, not a visual artist).
He says he was a proto-nerd growing up, "a motor-mouthed black fanboy".
From this interview with Evan Narcisse published in the Atlantic in 2010, shortly before McDuffie's death from heart disease at only 49 years old:"Race, Sci-Fi, and Comics: A Talk with Dwayne McDuffie"

Superhero comics that are funny?--this sounds great to me. The recent trend seems to be pretty humorless.

Below is not by McDuffie--it's from Vixen: Return of the Lion, drawn by Cafu, script by G Willow Wison, ©2009 DC Comics

--"Why do they wear their undergarments on the outside?"
--"You should not laugh, Abiesa (sp?)--it's their culture. They can't help it."


Bink said...

Underwear outside--Robin Hood must have been the first superhero! Looking forward to reading this book!

Fresca said...

BINK: Yep, you know I thought of you getting dressed up as Robin Hood when you were little, putting your undies on over your clothes!