Monday, September 26, 2016

A little perspective...

Detective Comics v.1 #371, January 1968, cover by Carmine Infantino and Murhpy Anderson;
from the Hevelin Collection (on Tumblr) at the University of Iowa fan archives.

Maybe those spikes on her gauntlets caught on her tights?
Tights do run, but not as much as pantyhose... Does anyone wear pantyhose anymore? Not much, I think.


Laura B said...

I read that Princess Kate of England has been making wearing pantyhose fashionable again- she wears them!!

Fresca said...

Well, by gum, I looked her up, and so she does!
I wouldn't want to wear them myself ever again, but I have to say, she's a good advertisement for them---her legs look so smooth and sleek.
Thanks for pointing that out, Laura; it's good to know royalty-watchers! :)