Thursday, August 11, 2016

"Understanding the Autism Spectrum", comic by Theorah

I found this comic really useful---the cartoonist shows the experience of autism spectrum as being like a color wheel, not a linear sliding scale! 
(Brains are like a sphere I know, but yeah, nevertheless, I was indeed imagining along a line.)

"Understanding The Spectrum" by comic artist (and plushies-maker!) Theorah, posted on Tumblr April 5, 2016:

Theorah writes:
"I hear alot of people misinterpreting or misusing the term ‘autism spectrum’. So for Autism Acceptance week, I decided to make a comic to help explain the term and how it affects things.
"Loads of people have asked if they can have a print version of this comic so they can share around schools/family/friends, so here’s a high quality print version (pdf): "

End "Understanding The Spectrum"
by Theorah


The Crow said...

Thank you so much, Fresca! I'm passing this on to my daughter. I think this will help us understand my grandson better, and might open a door to better conversations with him.

Fresca said...

I'm glad this can be helpful to you & your family too, Crow!
It really made me realize I was thinking about my friends with Asperger's wrong---yes, like a sliding scale.
This color wheel fits instantly made me go, "Oh, yeah: Now I get it!"

gz said...

marvellous insight.
it still isn't easy to explain,but this willhelp

Fresca said...

GZ: I will send a message on Tumblr to the cartoonist who made this and let her know people are finding it helpful, which was her hope.