Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sewing Saturday

 On Camino in 2011, Marz picked a T-shirt out of a pile of left-behind clothes at an albergue, and for the rest of the trip, she'd recite its weird text: 
"18.5 New Orleans the seventies design revival: be aware of it... for anyone... outdated styles and time… timeless design by Mr. Wings" 

She was wearing the T-shirt in the Madrid airport when she opened a can of tuna fish that exploded, staining her T-shirt with olive oil.  I saved it though, and five years later, today--a rainy Saturday--I finally recycled it: 
I cut out the text and sewed it onto a shoulder bag, with the "Angelo Litrico" neck tag too.
I looked it up:
Angelo Litrico was a Sicilian fashion designer who hit it big when his suit he wore to an opera in Rome was noticed by actor Rossano Brazzi (David Lean's Summertime).

Litrico [below, 1957] went on to make suits for Krushchev and Kennedy.

"The year 1957 marked the first Italian fashion show to visit the Soviet Union and the 28-year-old Litrico took along a camel's hair overcoat he had made as a present for Khrushchev, working from photographs of the Soviet leader.

"Khrushchev liked the coat and sent his measurements and his first order through the Soviet Embassy in Rome…" 

 And get this:
"The shoe that Khrushchev banged on the table at the U.N. General Assembly in 1960 also came from Litrico."

Litrico died in 1986--his nephews carry on the brand name. They make T-shirts that say things like "mash up of attitude".

I added some trim along the bottom edge too.

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