Saturday, August 13, 2016

Me and Space Monkey, Going to a Wedding

A couple of friends, Esther & Kyle, who came to my Snack-n-Sew-n-Chat evenings last year are getting married today.
Kyle had helped with Lt. Monkey Tom Portay's spacesuit:
he'd cut down a TV--what do you call those panels in TVs? motherboards? to be Monkey's instrument panel, but I never attached it. 

So, two hours before the wedding, I've finally done so, since, naturally, Lt. Monkey is attending too.
And what am I wearing?
Luckily the couple specified "comfortable attire".
I could go in the baggy shorts I'm wearing ,and they would think that was great. 
But I went to a fancy wedding earlier this summer, so I have a nicer outfit. I kind of wish I had something shiny thing to wear, but I cut it up to make Monkey's suit.

Hm... Wait though... I think there may be some sleeves left... What can I do in two hours...?

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