Friday, July 15, 2016

Red Bear on Towel Day

Lately I've been deleting my old FB posts as I post new ones--it's pointless to store them there, with no index or any way to find them again. And FB is a mix of boring and Big Brotherish. (Many people no longer post original personal stuff there--and who can blame them?)

I'm going to transfer a few keepable things here.
Like Red Bear's Towel Day outing. This day, from Douglas Adams's Hitchhikers' Guide, is May 25.

The Uses of a Towel, by Red Bear
1. Panic-Reduction Neckerchief, for transit to house-sitting gig
2. Rain Hat (light drizzle only)
3. Bum Protection, for Surprise Sand Castle–Building on the Way
4. Ice-cream Bib, Upon Safe Arrival


Michael Leddy said...

What a pampered bear. Homage to The Lonely Doll?

(And if you ever want to read a sad story, look for the biography of Dare Wright.)

Zhoen said...

Such a comfort.

Fresca said...

Michael: I don't know the Lonely Doll---must look it up.
Red Bear is kind of pampered, but no trouble at all. :)

ZHOEN: Red Bear is a big comfort! Or, did you mean the ice cream? (That too!)