Friday, July 29, 2016

Red Bear in Her Summer Frock; Alfie r.i.p.

Marz dropped by as I was sewing Red Bear a dress this afternoon.
"Are you doing that because your life's feeling a little disordered?" she asked.

Maybe partly. Also because it's fun and it's mine to do.

Red Bear's dress is reversible--the soft blue denim back can be the front too. But I think the flower print is always going to win out.
Alfie, r.i.p.

bink & Maura's dear dog Alfie died five days ago, after a short and sudden illness. 
He was a gentle and dapper dog––a rescue dog, so his exact age was unknown--probably at least fourteen years old. Old, but it was a shock that he went so fast.

I spent the morning helping dig a grave for him in their backyard. It felt good to do something real and hard and useful in the face of death. 

Here's bink with Alfie & her friend Dale who was officiating at the Blessing of the Animals on Saint Francis's feast day, 2014.


Zhoen said...

Ursula Rubia is quite fetching in that frock.

If I could chose, I would have a quick death like Alfie. Harder on those left, but then, it always is hard. My condolences.

Fresca said...

"Ursula Rubia" is her porn star name! :)
(not really--I love it.)

Yes, I said the same thing about Alfie's death: hard on those left behind, but when my time comes, I'd chose such a sudden death.
They don't even know what exactly was wrong with him---would have had to do lots more tests, but he was obviously dying, so they let him go.

Fresca said...

P.S. Zhoen, you're right! It's a "frock". What a great word. I changed the post title.

Zhoen said...

I just watch too many Brit shows.