Thursday, July 28, 2016

If Pisces & Aries Were Movie Posters

Marz went to see The Last Wave, (Australia, 1977, dir. Peter Weir [my blog review]) on the big screen the other night. 
I'm sorry I missed it (I didn't know it was playing)--it's one of my favorite movies & I haven't seen it in a theater since it came out. Marz said it was great, and also the most Pisces movie she's ever seen.

I'm a Pisces (water sign), and Marz is an Aries (fire sign). 
I'm no astrologer, but I'd say we're like our signs, which are quite different (but not necessarily incompatible). 

In super simple terms:

I'm like wandery water, always trying to connect different things, like,
How would this Minnesotan pine cone like to float down to New Orleans?

Marz is a smoke-jumper, like, 
Let me leap into this forest fire and then helicopter OUT.

Anyway, Marz said she'd like to choose a movie for each sign. 
Me too! I'll have to give it some thought. 
Suggestions welcome!

To start off with, I collaged The Last Wave for Pisces, 
and The Fast and the Furious for Aries (plus Aries-like Mad Max & Starsky). I've never seen Fast & Furious, but that's an Aries title.


Laura B said...

This posting totally distracted me from my work as I began to imagine what movie would fit each star sign. Of course, being a scorpio myself, my mind went there first- so many possibilities!- The French Lieutenant's Woman: research, sex & deception; Sophie's Choice: Death, survival & justice, oh I could go on & on...

Fresca said...

PLEASE go on and on, Laura!

I will do those movies for Scorpio. Great choices, and I probably wouldn't have thought of them right off the top of my head.

Fresca said...

P.S. They're both about layers of time, too, and multiple realities...

Zhoen said...

Taurus - The Station Agent.

Frex said...

ZHOEN: Thanks! I liked "The Station Agent"---
but can you say more about how it is Taurus?
Frex = Fresca

Zhoen said...

Solid, loyal, home-needing, kind.

Frex said...

Ah, yes, there's Taurus all right. Thanks--I need to watch the film again.