Saturday, May 28, 2016

If I were a youTuber...

Hello, Blogosphere!

If I were a whippersnapper youTuber, I would ask questions such as:

Q: Can you put your foot up to your ear? 
(Show your work.)

Me: Just barely.

Q: What kind of creature would you be if you were in a Bosch painting?

Me: bink said, when I asked last night, that I'd be a giant eyeball with little legs & feet, like those cute clay footed bowls from ancient Egypt.

bink wins!
That's exactly how I feel after a month of 13-hour days among the quick, the clever, and the quirky––that is, fans online––like a giant receptor with limited mobility.

I have started to think and even talk in such terms, influenced by smart & zippy youTubers such as Dan Howell [they're not all smart!]:

This is a good overview of Internet fandom.

Meanwhile, I've joined Facebook after a 3-year hiatus (friend me there! Please!) because my brain is temporarily unavailable to blog, being busy sorting out the deluge of FEELS and ideas.

It provides nice, low-level contact with people I (mostly) know, so I don't feel lonely (yay!), and you don't have to think or process much to post or read posts on FB, which is welcome.

Boy, is FB is s-l-o-w. 
It seems like while I was gone, everyone lost their gee-whizz enthusiasm for posting photos of their meals, which, frankly, I miss. I was never one to complain about selfies and vacation photos.
Now it's less personal, and more links to articles about politics and animal rescue.
Still, material incoming at a slow trot is just what my overwhelmed brain can handle, and I'm liking, though not loving, it.

I am liking––and loving!––the fandom stuff too. Massive multiplayer creativity at work. It's great. Ugly in spots, but honestly, mostly great.

 I hope to take some breaks to write here--it's good to come down to Earth.


Zhoen said...

Nice to hear from you. Sorry, no FB for me. I'm in a tiny corner of twitter, full of linguists, historians, comedians, and a few makers. Not counting local agencies to watch for weather events.

Have to think about the Bosch thing.

Frex said...

Hi, Zhoen--thanks!
I never found the right corner on Twitter--probably didn't give it enough of a try, and then I got mad at Twitter for being such poor governors re gamergate. Oh well.
I'll just bop around.
I'm going to set up a Tumblr for research. And fun, I hope... (not sure--it has its nasty side too. But what doesn't.)

Anyway, in the Bosch world I see you as a serious gardener (but in an amusing get up) in the Garden of Earthly delights, accompanied by cat(s).

Zhoen said...

As long as I get a funny hat. And a mysterious tool.