Thursday, April 28, 2016


Though I live in what was his town, I have nothing of importance to say about Prince's death, other than the obvious (sad, too young) and that someone should vid his excellent song "Little Red Corvette" to Captain Kirk:
"I guess I should have known, /By the way you parked your car sideways, / That it wouldn't last."
But my downstairs neighbor, Jenise, went to the same high school as Prince. She, a teacher, wrote this wonderful open letter to her colleagues --she poses such a great question here.

Tiger News

"Teacher writes about former classmate, Prince"

Prince, 1973 Central High School yearbook

Dear Fellow Educators,

I would like to share some thoughts about Prince that are relevant to us as educators, as I went to school with him and although I did not know him personally, I remember him.

As a kid, Prince was short, shy and not remarkable looking. He wasn't as popular a basketball player as his half-brother.

But he loved music, and he pursued it relentlessly (sometimes skipping class to do it).

Today is a perfect opportunity for us and our students to take another look at that person at school that we have been underestimating.  
Look left, look right and look within and ask ourselves,
  How awesome would it be if this person found something they really loved to do, worked at it, and shared it with others? 
You don't have to  be world famous to have impact.

Love, work, share, be proud of who you are and where you are from:  these are Prince's legacies.

Oh, and the music...

Thanks for listening,


This is a new mural about 1 mile from my house:


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