Saturday, April 2, 2016

Victoria Wood's Parody of "Brief Encounter"

I am reminded that I posted about Brief Encounter six years ago (with the Nichols & May parody)--it's one of my favorite movies. You can both sigh over it sincerely and laugh out loud at parodies of it.
I'd only found this parody by Victoria Wood (from 2007?) the other day. 

(Professional parodies are a lot like fanworks…)


Zhoen said...

Victoria Wood was mentioned on the Alan Davies As Yet Untitled. Perfect timing. Very funny. Love Patterson.

Michael Leddy said...

That's hilarious.

Having watched The Ladykillers last night, I've now seen Watney's Brown Ale signage twice in twelve hours.

Fresca said...

I'd actually never heard of Wood before.

The Ladykillers---the original, I assume, with Alec Guinness? (I haven't seen the remake.) Isn't that a delight?