Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Fandom Saves Hamilton!

I am delighted that fan love for the hip-hop Alexander Hamilton has saved his image on the $10 bill. At least in part. There was also a push to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20, and you've probably seen that today (April 20), the US Treasury is announcing that Harriet Tubman will indeed replace Jackson.  
Great choice!
Barbara Ortiz Howard, left, and Susan Ades Stone, the women behind Women on 20s, an organization pushing for a woman on the $20 bill, stand before art by Belgian Yann Guitton.
Not that I care about Hamilton per se. But Andrew Jackson was the person who should have been replaced all along, slave owner*, Indian Remover, and murderer (or "duellist") that he was.

Except... wait. Literally, wait. 
It won't happen until 2030? Fourteen more years? Really?

RIGHT > > >

Lin-Manuel Miranda at a rehearsal of his play Hamilton
an "audacious hip-hop retelling of the life of the nation’s first Treasury secretary. "

Now it's won a Pulitzer Prize!
* Twelve presidents owned slaves at some point during their lives--including, of course, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.
Obviously history is full of twisty stuff like that:
nobody's perfect. (Some of the presidents freed their slaves before they even became presidents.)

I just want to see some imperfect women represented too!


Bink said...

Saw they are talking new designs by 2020, then a gradual phase in of the new bills.

ArtSparker said...

Waiting for the gif, Harriet Booting Andrew...or maybe I should do a t shirt.

Zhoen said...

Jackson looks to stay on the back of the bill. "Get to the back of the bill!"

I hope they keep changing the faces on the money.

Frex said...

Thanks, bink, Sparker, & Zhoen.

A T-shirt! A T-shirt!