Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What I'm Reading

Except for fandom-related reading, I'm reading in a very scattered way. These are the books that were lying in a circle around my bed this morning. 
None are directly related to  fandom research except for Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter. (Thank you, Tom Bissell--now I don't have to play a video game to see what they're about. They're not my kind of thing, (not enough story), but now I get why they're some people's.)
Here's an excerpt:
Though it sure feels like everything is indirectly related to fandom. You (I) could argue that half of cultural history is fandom.
Philosophy? Plato meta fandom! 
The gospels? Jesus fanfic!
And so on. 
Enough for now---I must go do things!


Zhoen said...

Took me over a month to get through Sarah Vowell's Lafayette book. Not because it wasn't interesting, it is. But I'd read a bit, then want to think about that. And owning books means I can put them aside while I get to the library books.

Frex said...

Owning is the way to go for books that take a while to read.
I had to return Lafayette to the library before I finished it.
(New book, couldn't be renewed beyond its 3 week due date.)
I haven't loved any of Vowell's books like I loved Wordy Shipmates.