Friday, March 11, 2016

Books I *Bought*

I almost never buy books--I mostly don't want to own them, and I can't afford them. I use the library or the Little Free Library boxes around town.
If I had extra money, I'd definitely buy books full price from actual bookshops, not just the 1¢ + $3.99shipping books online--and then give them away.

I did buy two books for my fandom research, in person this week, because they aren't in the library--and interlibrary loan is too short (3 weeks, no renewal). 
They're both on videogaming, about which I know  basically nothing, so I really need the help.

I got one at an all-'round independent bookstore,
 and one at Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore, 
a place that'll make you weep with joy because of how crammed with ramshackle goodness it is … or weep with allergies because of how dusty it is.

It's "The oldest independent science fiction bookstore in America. Founded in 1974."

< < < I also did order this old (1990s) one online for $4.
Anime and manga are other areas I'm weak in, 
but also I just couldn't resist the title.

This one I may have to keep on my own bookshelves.

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