Friday, February 26, 2016

Kirk: All the -irks

 Some "-irk" words, plus some "-ir-"s,
because there are so many disturbingly pretty Kirks

Etymology of the irks:
irk (v.) Look up irk at : early 15c., irken, "to trouble (someone), disturb, hinder, annoy;"
kirk (n.) Look up kirk at c. 1200, northern England and Scottish dialectal form of church, from a Scandinavian source such as Old Norse kirkja "church,"
quirk (n.) Look up quirk at 1560s, "quibble, evasion," of unknown origin, perhaps connected to German quer (see queer (adj.)) via notion of twisting and slanting; Perhaps originally a technical term for a twist or flourish in weaving.  
shirk (v.) Look up shirk at 1630s, "to practice fraud or trickery,"perhaps from German schurke "scoundrel, rogue, knave, villain" (see shark (n.)). 

smirk (v.) Look up smirk at Old English smearcian "to smile." ... probably related to smerian "to laugh at, scorn,"

Spirk: Spock/Kirk, Space Husbands, for more images, see Let's Boldy Spirk tumblr


marz said...

I hadn't seen a Kirk in a while. My first thought was "I hate him" because = too pretty! The first one really looks like Columbo. That is a Columbo furrow.

Frex said...

It is almost painful, going through trekcore for pictures, due to the onslaught of Kirk.

It's weird, but I've noticed that at *certain* angles Shatner does look a little like Falk (though he's generally much prettier).