Monday, February 1, 2016

Are we done yet?

I just sent back my fourth review of the preliminary layout of my last president book: 
3x more than I should have seen it at this stage.
The designer is new, and I suppose I don't mind helping, but I'm ready to be DONE with these presidents.

I e-mailed a page of the pdf to my auntie, to show her what I'm working on.

It happened to be a page about Andrew Jackson killing a man in a duel,
and I commented on how weird it is that dueling was popular among politicians in his era.

[meme from pinterest >]

 She wrote back--my good natured, ninety-year-old auntie--saying maybe our current presidential hopefuls should duel one another.

Such is the mood of the electorate.
Can't we be done already???

What's that you say?

Nine more months?

There's time to grow a whole new human before the elections.


Zhoen said...

I'm thinking an armed melee among the GOP would clear the field a bit...

Fresca said...

Isn't it awful that we're even thinking in these terms?
What a mess.

Zhoen said...

I turned off npr on the way up to work. Then again on the way home.

ArtSparker said...

You really took the words right out of my mouth. Just back from my father's, he is glued to the set while they count votes in Iowa...much, much more to come! Oh the dog and pony of it all. Boring! Cleaning my brain out with the usual (interstellar) crew...

Frex said...

Brain cleaning is definitely called for!