Sunday, January 10, 2016

Post Your Baby Picture (with updates)

The Latest: Julia at three, with her papa:

Oh, how fun! Two more bloggers have posted photos of their younger selves, here:
Michael at Orange Crate Art,

and Zhoen at One Word.

Also my friend Maura e-mailed me a photo of her infant self, with an expression of delight that I totally recognize from knowing her grown-up self:


Crow posted a photo of her daughter at almost-three, and when I suggested we all post photos of ourselves as babies/toddlers, she added one of herself at the same age.

I invite you to please post a picture of little-you too!  

(Let me know and I'll link to it here, if you like. Or you can e-mail me yours and I'll add it to this post.)

I lost a lot of photos when a computer died, so the only baby photos of me that I have on hand are two I've already posted, but I'll post them again.
My favorite––somewhere around two-three years old––I am still like this:

Below: Picnic in Missouri with my grandmother Meribel (my mother's mother--she was a "lady" and would not like being seen with her mouth open), my sister, and --foreground--me (two and a half?)

I also happen to have baby Marz in my Photos. This, below, is very much like the Marz I know, except now she'd be grinning for a Scully & Mulder cake:


Zhoen said...

Ha! Wonderful!

The Crow said...

I love seeing the nascent versions of ourselves, to see what has changed and what hasn't - at least the body changes, can't see the inside stuff.

Fresca said...

These are so fun---thanks for getting the ball rolling, Crow, and for taking it up, Zhoen!