Saturday, January 23, 2016

Another Spark of Joy

Julia made this blanket I've thrown over my chair from felted sweaters---yesterday she lent it to me for the rest of the winter because I love it sooooo much and it inspires me to make one too. [note bears to the left]

This morning I came to clarity, finally, and officially resigned from volunteering at the Thrift Store. 
I'd reached a level of distress over the politics there that all of a sudden made me notice I was working for free [not how I had felt previously], and also, I seriously need to look for paying work, and I serious want to spend my free time making things that don't deplete me.  
I want to write more personal stuff, for instance, as well as sew more! 
So I feel relieved. The time is right.


The Crow said...

Good for you, friend!

Zhoen said...

Glad. Means to me that you know your time is valuable, which it is. You have skills and smarts. Good on ya.

The Crow said...

Came back to admire Julia's blanket, thinking I had seen it before, but - of course - I haven't. Her beautiful blanket reminds me of Kandinsky's painting, "Color Study: Squares with Concentric Circles," which I like very much.

ArtSparker said...

It takes some kind of organizational equivalent of self-awareness for the powers that be to appreciate volunteers sometimes, it's easier to go along with the enshrinement of capital as a measure of of, well, value.

ArtSparker said...

Specifically thinking of some occasions when I've volunteered my design services, to give that some context. I do believe that you have resources for being appreciated in some spheres - for instance, your mending work in the coffee shop (aside from the question of paying work).

Fresca said...

Thanks, Zhoen and Crow---
and Crow, you have twice come up with great parallels with artists: fun!

SPARKY: Your quote is so spot-on, I reblogged it in the next post. Thank you!