Thursday, December 10, 2015

"We'd Like to Make a Contact with You" (dS music)

My third and last post today...

Canadian-made Due South features a lot of Canadian musicians. Sometimes the narrative slows and the story takes the shape of a music video.  I don't know most of the songs, so I've been looking them up.*
 (I've already mentioned Fraser singing Stan Rogers.) 

This beautifully sad song "De Cara a la Pared" (Face to the Wall) by  Lhasa de Sela (US-born but lived in Montreal) plays while RayK dances alone with his lost love in "Strange Bedfellows" (season 3.4). 

I couldn't figure out what the wet percussive sounds could be---a youTube comments suggested water drumming, but I read [in link above] it was simply water in a plastic bottle.

"De Cara a la Pared" is included on Radio Canada's list, "Ten of the Most Moving Songs You Won't Understand"
They note, "Of course if you speak Swahili, Portuguese or Corsican, your appreciation of these songs may run deeper than those of us who do not." 
* I just found a helpful list: "Music Used in Due South

Something unexpected:

Canadian band Klaatu sings their 1976 "Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft" which–– just SO, SO WEIRD–– was then (1977) covered by the Carpenters!

What was going on, Nineteen Seventies?


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