Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Thankyougod, for funny, imaginative people.

I am laughing out loud here at the coffee shop as I work my way through the comments of the outside reader on the Jefferson book I'm editing. 

She has written all sorts of silly little things, such as *cue rap battle* at the mention of Jefferson's rivalry with Hamilton.

And she e-mailed me this from LadyHistory on Tumblr (a Trekkie!!!):

Maybe most importantly, she granted this fretful editor (me) permission to stop trying to turn this book into something that would inspire a Broadway musical.

Thank you, yes, very much. I am stopping now.


ArtSparker said...

She sounds like a keeper...

Zhoen said...

Only vaguely relevant, as all my comments prove to be. But, interesting, I hope. They make sense inside my head.

Fresca said...

SPARKY: I wish all my coworkers were of her caliber.

ZHOEN: Thanks! Those goat noises actually made my skin crawl, though I totally get that they sound funny to some--and what a clever sound editing job!

Zhoen said...

Sorry about the goat screams. Hope you did like the Olive Oats story, though.