Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I won candy!

Home from a wild night out with two fellow Thrift Herders--
we went out for pizza, and it just happened to be Trivia Nite,
and my loooong years in Children's Nonfiction finally PAID OFF BIG TIME:
and specifically my recent time with the nasty Andrew Jackson,

because I totally 100% knew the answer to this question immediately, without even having to recite the sing-song list of presidents:

Who won the US presidential election of 1824 even though he did not win the most popular or electoral votes?

Answer is in comments
in case you want to take time for that sing-song pneumonics song about the presidents (which I don't actually know).

HINT: It's not Jackson---he lost that round, but won in 1828.

So---we won that round of historical questions, and our prize was a handful of chocolate kisses and Starbursts.
Not what I needed, but certainly what I wanted... and on top of two glasses of winter ale.

Maybe I will die younger than I should from excess carbitude, but I shall have known the Thrill of Victory.

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Fresca said...

ANSWER: John Quincy Adams.
But you knew that. I would share my candy with you, but I ate it all.

Michael Leddy said...

I think my son would have known that answer. My answer would have been “Some guy.”

Laura B said...

Bravo!!! Or as we (Ha- the royal we) would say in Italy, because you are a girl, Brava!!!!!

Zhoen said...

All I can remember is the only president to win two non-successive terms in office. Dylan would have gotten that one, I'm sure.

You won! Free stuff!

"Consistency was never really a human trait." - Ruth Gordon in Harold and Maude.

Watching Room 222, which is better than expected, but with confusing tv conventions (i.e. laugh track.)

Fresca said...

MICHAEL: "Some guy" kind of sums up JQA....

LAURA: Grazie!

ZHOEN: Here's to Free Stuff!

Julia said...

Can't wait to do it again! Maybe I'll be useful the next round!