Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Emergency Thrift Herding

Two days into Christmas week and the Thrift Store shelves were already showing bare spots, so Julia and I convened an emergency session of thrift herders (just us two) to unearth more goodies in the basement, where the donations are stored.

Thrift herders separate incoming into categories (including "free box", "recycle", and "toss") and put stuff in boxes to get priced and put out, and usually we specialize in one or two categories––I sort crafts, for instance––and price every item in a box, whether we think it's exciting or cool stuff or not. 
But for a couple hours Julia and I ran around the basement pulling and pricing from every category only things we liked (which I see now includes a lot of animals).  

This is some of the jumble we put out:
a blue ceramic rabbit box; a Hello Kitty clock radio; a music box from UT with a cow on top; a brass pitcher with "Montana 1956" engraved on the bottom; a box of little Norwegian tart tins; a Dreamer brand film camera; little poppy candle holders; parrot candelabra made in India, etc.
We put out nonanimal items too---a yoga mat & blocks, nice kitchenware, etc. 


Zhoen said...

That is an impressive arrangement.

Frex said...

Thanks! This is the downstairs worktable---we arranged them a little more tidily upstairs (though you can imagine, displays in a thrift store don't stay tidy for long).

Zhoen said...

Oh, messy is better anyway.

Fresca said...

Yeah, you're right: messy is good.