Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Dirty Ones

To start at the very beginning of a toy rescue project,
here are two yucky stuffed animals I brought home from the Thrift Store yesterday--a bear and a koala [not a bear]--
not nauseating, just too dirty and matted to sell, but the dirty will wash off, and the drier will fluff their fur up.

I'm house sitting just a few blocks from the lake path where the marathon runners are going to pass this morning---I'm heading off---the speediest of the front runners will be there in a few minutes--so all for now!


Zhoen said...

I expect the poor wee things are itchy as well.

bink said...

The bear looks like Alfie when he needs a bath.

Fresca said...

ZHOEN: The marathoners? :)
Luckily the stuffed animals don't have actual nerves, but yeah, they do look as if they'd be itchy!

BINK: Can't put him in the drier though...

Zhoen said...

Oh, the marathoners are certainly itchy, knew that.