Friday, September 4, 2015

The Piglet Rehomes

"Rehome" is a word I know from the Wire Fox Terrier Rescue
it means to find a new home [like, for an abandoned dog].

The Piglet is very excited to be rehoming: 
today it's going to travel by post to live with a blogfriend! 

This morning the other plush companions gave the Piglet a send-off and presented it with gifts to carry in its shoulder bag (which I'd sewed for Valentine's Day). 

The bouncy ball and the almonds are for use during the journey, the magic blue stone is a present for its new person.

They also composed a Certificate of Authenticity [I was the scribe] confirming that the Piglet is real, and, while small, biggly brave.

Off you go, now, little Piglet!


The Crow said...

Piglet, the Biggly Brave. A perfect name. :)

Do the other cuddlies have names?

Frex said...

Oh yes, they certainly do have names.
The panda is The Lollpoop (an old name for a lie-about);
the bunny is The Bunny;
the fox is Sneax Be-le-Be;
and the goat is Mr. Robinson.

Piglet the Biggly Brave is at the PO now, to be delivered on Tuesday!

deanna said...

Wonderful picture. What fun for Piglet.

Toys are great. During my recovery I watched the Toy Story trilogy again. So much there, I think, about life.

I also have recently finished reading the life of a monk in Russia, at Optina monastery (Elder Nektary). A very playful, wise man who lived through the communist takeover, he didn't have people visit in his "inner room" often. After his death, people found mostly simple toys there, along with his prayer corner.

Frex said...

DEANNA: That story about the Russian monk and his toys makes me so, so happy!
Makes me think of toys in a different light--like, as what they call "sacramentals" in the Roman Catholic tradition: material things, such as candles or mdeals of saints, that somehow reflect or amplify(?) the sacred for people.

Toy Story! It is almost too scary to watch!

Now I don't feel so odd.

bink said...

Glad to see Piglet heading out with such excitement! He is sure to have a wonderful new adventure!

Fresca said...

BINK: I hope the Piglet sends reports! :)