Friday, September 25, 2015

The Bare Room

The windows in my new room won't be done until the homeowner finishes glazing them, but I'm done with my scraping and painting (so shiny, so new), so I'm ready to move in. 
And Jill is giving me a desk for my sewing machine!

But right now the room's just a drying room for this bearskin:

Cleaning used stuffed animals is key, and I'm experimenting...
The ones I've picked up so far are mostly from the '90s, filled with synthetics that wash & dry well,
but inside this older bear was shredded, felt-like wool: 
in soapy water, it became a sodden lump.

The humidity has been relentless this month (87 % this morning);
this leaden bear was never going to dry. 

My time has come for Lessons in Bear Repair.
I opened this one up and took out the stuffing, and I'm researching what's best to replace it with.

Update:  A good overview of Toy Stuffing

A commenter notes:
Polyester fiberfill is listed in the US Toxic Substances Control Act as a toxic material whose toxicity is considered “inert” unless swallowed or breathed in – even just a few fibers. 
Babies and pets chew and suck on polyfil toys all the time, and once toys are torn open or seams ripped, the tiny fibers get in lungs and stomachs very quickly. " 


Zhoen said...

Would a shredder, are there such things for fabric? work to recycle old socks and rags? So that it would be fluffier?

Save the Bears!

deanna said...

Wow, so much has happened on your blog since I last checked in! Mid-life tune-ups, charming wardrobe additions, a room's color renovation. Thanks for your chapters, your continued entry into the good struggle. :)

Fresca said...

ZHOEN: I looked that idea up and toy-makers report no luck with home shredders.
But on another post Artsparker suggested felting old sweaters, and that would work---could just cut them up by hand.

DEANNA: Wecome back! I'm glad you're well again and able to visit.

bink said...

What a shock to scroll down and see the bear hung upside down. I know it's for his own good, but he looks like a painting of a medieval saint: tortured on a wheel or about to be flayed.

Frex said...

BINK: Yes, it looks a bit traumatic, like Marsyas, but luckily I can assure you, Bear was asleep through it all, and, as you know, is now happily upright and plump! :)