Monday, September 21, 2015

sleeping on a stone couch

I love this picture bink took of me napping yesterday near the mini-golf sculpture course. My hair color matches the stone!

I might take it to my first counseling session this morning (though I'd have to take this laptop to show her).

If the psychologist were to be at all Jungian-y, we could talk about what happens in fairy tales when people fall asleep on magic stone furniture....

But I expect she is more about life skills, DBT, and that sort of modern approach, which is probably what I need;
I don't need more metaphors, which I can spin myself all day long, I need some traction.

Actually, I'm in a bit of that pre-first-appointment panic:
Why again am I'm doing this?

I said "midlife tuneup", and that's the general idea, . . . but what a lot this vehicle has been through at midlife. 
On the surface, I'm worried about the dings and dents of job hunting -- needing to find work, after I'm done editing the president books at Christmastime. I need practical help, career counseling for people with gray hair.

But under the hood---wow, what a tangle of wires wrapped in electrical tape. Like, you know, I suppose I might just mention my mother's suicide? Stuff like that.

I have gathered Show and Tell, because that's my favorite way to present myself. 
I'm taking the watercolors I did of my mother's life a couple years ago that I had to stop doing because I couldn't breathe; 
a b&w photo of me as a little kid drawing with total concentration at the kitchen table; 
the picture of Capt. Kirk that hangs in my bathroom;
the rescue rabbit in the samurai waistcoat I made this weekend. What is this rescue and recovery of discarded wounded treasure, my own and others', about? Is the stone couch a portal to someplace? Where?

I must go now.


bink said...

It seems like stone thrones are the stuff of myth and legend...and there you are sleeping on one. Perhaps you should sit up and rule.

ArtSparker said...

I so get the show and tell...would much rather pull out a book or drawing than be expected to speak.

Zhoen said...

Soaking up strength from stone.

Fresca said...

BINK: It is a throne, isn't it!

ARTS: As it turned out, I didn't get a chance to do my show-and-tell. The psychologist spent a lot of time asking me form questions, and there was no way to enter a toy Rabbit on the computer...

ZHOEN: That's a nice thought.