Saturday, September 5, 2015

When you need a bobby pin, Laura's got one in her car.

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Speaking of Camino [post below], at dinner on the road one night I said,
"When you need a bobby pin, you find a bobby pin. Or not."

(I hadn't brought hair supplies, but I kept finding them on the path.)

The principle applies at home too.

Laura came to see my room-in-progress yesterday, took a look at the cracked floor tiles, and said, 
"Do you want a rug? I have one in my car."


You have everything I ever need in your car, from tonic water to home furnishings.

It fits almost perfectly, as you can see, but now I'm not sure if I want bright blue walls. Well, I've got to take the rug up and finish painting the windows white first anyway.


Zhoen said...

A slightly more greenish (aqua?) blue might go nicely with that rug.

I've been known to pull out strange items from my bag when asked, just the right thing. A strain of Mary Poppinsism, I suspect.

Frex said...

Oh, yeah---Mary Poppins!
That's who Laura reminds me of.

As for the wall color, the current pale-egg-cream semi-gloss is starting to look OK to me now. I've washed it twice, and it's freshened up.
I'll just have to live with it for a while and see.

ArtSparker said...

I would go for the blue, it is very conducive to serenity. Don't second guess!

Zhoen said...

It's impossible to tell from a photo online what a room feels like in a particular color. A good bright, or light can illuminate an otherwise dark space.

Fresca said...

ARTSPARKER & ZHOEN: Thanks for weighing in!

Yes, it's hard to choose the right color... The old floor was a dull green that set off the bright blue I'd liked --but the brown rug changes the room.
I'm going to finish repainting the windowsills (white)---that'll change it again--and then decide.

What I like *best* in the room is the tatami mat (closest to the door)!

poodletail said...

Leave it to Laura.

"All colors go together." - bink

Fresca said...

Ha!!! I'd forgotten that famous saying of bink!
Thanks for reminding me.

But which colors go together with *me*?