Thursday, September 17, 2015

Life in 3-D (Outfitting the Star Trek Bear)

Sewing clothes is architectural, I'm discovering: 
I'm building structures, but using soft materials.

My auntie showed me how to sew 40 years ago, so it's not an entirely alien technology, but it's pretty foreign.  
 Puzzling over how to design a Star Trek uniform for this little plump bear (from the Thrift Store, of course), I realized how much I'm enjoying working on physical problems, and what a nice change it is from my usual wordy material.

Anyway, here's the Star Trek bear, with and without its headband. It's 4 inches (10 cm) tall.

Do you like the headband? (It's removable.) I put it there because, take your choice:

1. The bear wants to be the Karate Kid.

2.   "      "       "      "   "  David Foster Wallace.

3. Steffi Graf?

4. It has a crush on Capt. Kirk and sneaked into the laundry room and snipped a little strip off his uniform to wear in private, and when in public it tucks it in its waistband.

5. I thought its head looked a little bare.

bink just dropped by and said the gold band works best as a scarf.

It's sitting on my newly painted windowsill.
Those of you who are more familiar with physical properties may have wondered, "Does F. knows what a pain it is to paint white paint on white primer?"

"I did not. I wish I'd had the store tint one of the other a different shade, because I can't tell where I've painted, even though the paint is semi-gloss. Oh well, it looks good---I just have to go back in and patch.

UPDATE, 2017: I gave this bear to Lily, a woman (and Trekkie) who was helping care for our father in his last weeks.


Krista Kennedy said...

You still absolutely have one of the best minds I know.

Fresca said...

I'm glad but amazed that you see this in me and my Star Trek bear!

Zhoen said...

This is part of why I don't sew, it does take a certain level of spacial intelligence, which I sorely lack.

Fresca said...

ZHOEN: It's tricky, since I'm not naturally gifted with 3D intelligence either. But, in fact, it's pleasing my brain partly *because* it's hard, and also because I love the stuffed animals.