Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I got a referral to a psychologist who looks like Maria Bamford!

Maria Bamford! hahahahahaha! 


I just got home from my annual check-up, which I've only done annually since I got state health care (yay!), so that's... twice (thank you, Obama and Minnesota)
and I actually saw the same doctor for the second time, which I think hasn't happened since I was a child.

I love this doc---she's my age, and when I said I wanted a referral to a counselor for a midlife tune up, she laughed merrily and said she knew a good one for me.

"Someone smart and kind?" I said.

"And funny!" she said.

OMG, smart, kind, and funny? Maybe we could date.

When I got home I googled this psychologist (PhD, much older than a child), and, as I said, she looks kinda like Maria Bamford, if MB liked outdoor winter sports. 

You know this comic? 
She does a hilarious mini–sit-com about living in her mother's basement--in Duluth (like Hutch!)-- because she's too... something-or-other to function. (Anxious? and other things.)  

So. I shall see. Next week, already!

I also got a referral to a nutritionist [re post below]... but not for a month. You know I heard that as "one more month to live on ice-cream and beer".

Other than that stuff, I seem to be healthy and well, for which I am immensely grateful. 
Really, immensely. Every day I wake up with no pain. This is so great, I hope I remember that I knew how great it was when it's no longer the case.

[ Hello, future self! Yes, I KNOW I'm lucky.]

My friend Krista took this photo ^ in a 12th century abbey Ireland this summer:


Krista Kennedy said...

Hooray for health! I'm also working to get mine back in order after years of ignoring it while seeking tenure.

And hey, glad you liked the photograph!

Fresca said...

At least you had a good reason...

I love your photos of Ireland!

Zhoen said...

I do wish my ptsd therapist had had a more potent sense of humor. She had enough to get me to where I needed to be, but a bit more would have helped. Too serious by about 20%.

Krista Kennedy said...

Thanks! It was a very, very pretty trip.

Fresca said...