Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Happy Brain

My brain is enjoying focusing on this TED Talk, this morning:
"Happy Brain: How to Overcome Our Neural Predispositions to Suffering" by Amit Sood, MD, Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic.

  He comments online:

"Research shows true compassion makes you feel happier and lowers activity in fear centers of the brain. Avoiding others might provide temporary respite, but locks us in our own hurts. Further, if we all avoided each other, then world will become a lonely and sad place.  
Feeling of loneliness is as harmful as smoking or high blood pressure." 


ArtSparker said...

Too much people time also bad for some of us, honestly, it''s all physiology.


But then again, I have trouble with authorities.

Fresca said...

Oooh, cool, ARTSPARKER---I didn't know that song:
"Damn the river I'm given up
'Cause I've had it up to here with all this noise
And all you fucking boys playing with your toys
Get so loud that I just gotta leave the room"

I appreciated this talk on happiness on the day Marz moved out, but solitude can be salvation too.

I recently quoted Louise Bourgeois,
"Art is the acceptance of solitude."

Maybe we could say just as well,
"The acceptance of solitude is art".