Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Back (Rabbit, After)

I'm back from Milwaukee, where my auntie knitted a green back for the Rabbit's waistcoat.
I finally have my first completed Before–During–After sequence:

I've been s-l-o-w to catch onto the power of Doing Things with people, considering Sitting-and-Talking the perfect activity. 
But it's not, for a lot of people, and my auntie is a Do-er. 

Belatedly I started planning activities for us--like she used to do when I was little--and it's been brilliant. 

And she & bink got me out of reading in bed to see the lunar eclipse, which was wild.  Did you all see it? 
I like to think of so many people looking up at the Moon at once.

Back to work: Lincoln is getting its final once-over, and this week I'm on to Andrew Jackson.


Zhoen said...

A very stylish rabbit indeed. And among good company.

Fresca said...

The Rabbit is far more stylish than I am!

deanna said...

We watched the eclipse while at Tim's parents' and then the train station picking up James. It was great.

The bunny is delightful, and so, I can tell, is your aunt. Thankfully she's there to fill the need for Do-ers in the universe (and to help others Do, too, sometimes).

Fresca said...

DEANNA: An eclipse at a train station... sounds like a scene in a movie!

Hey, yeah, I *do* need encouragement to Do Things.