Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Good Day to Not Paint

Artist bink and I went paint sampling this morning---she has the best eye for subtle differences in color, and their effects:

"You don't want that; you'll feel like you're in a hospital ward.

"Believe me: prison cell. 

"Trapped in Das Boot.

So, steered away from battleship gray-bluegreens, I kept coming back to a deep, bright blue. No room I live in will never achieve such a Zen feel, but it's this center blue:

"Is it too hot & humid to paint inside?" I asked the sales guy.

"Well, it's not ideal," he said. "You could do it, but it'll add more humidity to the air."

THAT decides it. I'm waiting until Labor Day, when the temps & humidity are supposed to drop.

Until then, it's all Lincoln, all the time. I'd like to be done with this substantive edit by then, or nearabouts.

(I googled Lincoln as a color, and it's green.) 

bink 'n' Linc

bink's been doing her genealogy this summer, and she discovered a relative who worked with Lincoln. People want to find out they're somehow related to the famous, but in this case, it's the infamous.

Her relative was
William F. Berry, with whom Lincoln bought a store. Alas, Berry was a drunk, and "no more unfortunate partner than Berry could have been found." 
Lincoln's law partner and later biographer, W. Herndon, says:
 "For a while Lincoln was at one end of the store dispensing political information, Berry at the other was disposing the firm's liquors.... Lincoln's application to Shakespeare was only equaled by Berry's attention to Spiggott and Barrel."
 --from the very readable Thomas Keneally's Abraham Lincoln, Penguin, 2003 p. 21.


Zhoen said...

Oh, nice color there. Cheerful without being overbearing. A very pure color.

Didn't Lincoln run a bar for a while, or this the store in question?

Have to paint as well, looking at a purplish with a bit of dull light.

Fresca said...

I can't find on a quick search that he ran a bar, but that doesn't mean he didn't.
Your question led me to Star Trek though, and that's always a good thing! (See today's post).

bink said...

Just want to note that I am a direct descendant of the drunkard's sister... and their father was a temperance preacher! Surely, that drove William to drink even more.

bink said...

P.S. I think the blue will be stunning in your little room--stunning in a GOOD way.

Fresca said...

BINK: You should definitely write/draw a cartoon about this history of yours! It's so wild!