Saturday, August 15, 2015

"These Days" [finished]

This could use a little more work, but Jill's wedding is in 3.5 hours, so I am calling it done. I consider it an embroidered card.
  Inspired by Jill's wedding, I've been telling friends I want to get married too (or, anyway, to live in love with someone). 
Several people have asked if I'm going to look online.

No, I am definitely not.

I'm not opposed to online dating, but I did a little personal-ad dating a dozen years ago, and I didn't like it: 
I'd expected to feel rejected, but what I hadn't considered is how much worse it feels to reject someone else, myself.

I'm not really a fan of shopping lists for love either, but there are a few things I'd especially like. (Probably most of them are optional.) For instance, I'd really, really like someone to read in bed with.
And, call me old fashioned, but in my dreams this person would also be reading something that doesn't glow in the dark.


Zhoen said...

That is beautiful, and enigmatic.

Reading together is part of each having the gift of silence. Laughing together is my primary need, if only because how can you live with someone with an incompatible sense of humor? Reading comes a close second.

Any good library events locally?

Anonymous said...

Or reading groups? Never thought of the importance of reading together, sort of took it for granted. Might explain 41 years in part. Hope you find someone
Lovely card by the way.