Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Adventurers' New Clothes

Last night with sewing friends, I made accessories for two of my toy animals.

The Bunny sports a hip-hugging belt, decorated with long-stitches and a workable button; the Moomin, Snorkmaiden, a jaunty tie with a decorative button. (Thanks to bink for her help!)

[I've got to get a new camera---shooting pictures with the laptop is too awkward.]

Before anyone else had arrived at the café, a young woman walked up and asked what I was sewing.

 "Oh . . .  uh, I'm a little embarrassed," I said. "I'm making clothes for my toys."

"That's not weird at all," she said. "I think it's great!"

The public have spoken.

I do wonder about my attachment to my little animals, which has not lessened since childhood. But I see other grown-ups have it too---like Orange Crate Art, who has little turtles and an owl kitchen timer. 

I think I may have found my calling: I would be happy outfitting little toys. When I have the room, I'm going to set up a sewing area.

Esther told me about people who remake hypersexualized dolls--and this morning I found Tree Change Dolls:
 "The creation of Tasmanian artist Sonia Singh. Sonia recycles, repairs and upcycles forgotten and discarded dolls. They are given a new down-to-earth style and are soon ready for outdoor adventures. Rescued from landfill these dolls get a second chance at play and a new lease on life."
Sonia (below) seems to work mostly with Bratz dolls, who start off looking like they've had a bad reaction to silicon injections. She sells them for around $200, and they sell out immediately.

But today I will be writing an index, so off I go to do that.


Zhoen said...

Tristan is similarly attached to his little wooden cat.

And I still change Sebastian Bear's ties, George the 4' inflated Emperor penguin sports leis and beads, depending on the season. Sebastian traveled with us on the train out to Boston, kept us company the whole way, with some very intelligent insights on the out-sights.

I love the Tree Change Dolls.

Fresca said...

Cute cat!

I do remember your penguin, Zhoen, but not your bear. Is Sebastain on your blog?

Ep said...

It was great fun observing the detailed choices in the bunny's cummerbund. :) Is this one of your new callings? I have my suspicions.

Zhoen said...

Maybe from a long time ago, I will have to do an update.

bink said...

Your bunny is smirking with glee in that photo. Definitely, loves its new belt.

Fresca said...

BINK: I swear the quality of The Bunny's smile has stayed more self-satisfied ever since!